Wedge Mounts

Wedge Mounts

Unick Wedge Mounts offers precise levelling and reduction in vibration of heavy industrial machinery.
Unick Wedge Mount basically consists of three modular cast iron parts. The Centre(or middle) part of the mount has a levelling bolt through which middle wedge can move back and forth and gives high precision levelling to the machine.
Tighten the bolt results in increase in height.
Loosen the bolt results in decrease in height.
Except middle part, other two part of Cast Iron gently inclined on the middle(wedge) produce a large lifting force with small input torque. High quality with low fluorine grease is used between all the three parts.

Wedge Mounts is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and technologically advanced anti-vibration pads for all industrial machines

As we know, the cast iron is also a vibration damping material. But, for more vibration absorption, we make a combination of Unick Wedge Mount and Unick Insulation Sheet either on both sides or single side of the mounts.
Unick Wedge Mount provide large surface solidity and rigidity. It is easily levelled even under the heaviest loads. It providing both passive and active Vibration Isolation.
Unick Wedge Mount providing more and accurate precise levelling which is very easy, fast and efficient. As the height of the machine is increased appropriate, as a result, its easy to clean the machine surrounding area, below area, and also helpful during the time of machine maintenance.
Unick Wedge Mount are available in different models and selection depend upon the type of machine and its applications.
UF (Unick Free Standing Wedge Mount).
UB (Unick Bolt On Wedge Mount): Machine with High Axial Thrust.
UT (Unick Anchored Bolt to the Ground Through Hole Wedge Mount): For Heavy Machines. The Machine having eccentric motion or necessity to be anchored with the ground.


  • Optimum Finish.
  • Sturdily Manufactured.
  • Optimum Strength.
  • Perfect Finish.
  • Easy to Level/Adjust.
  • Highly Reliable.
  • Easy to Install
  • Longer Life.
  • Best for Heavy duty Machinery.
  • Reduced shock and vibration at the shop floor.
  • Prevent machine shifting/walk during run time.
  • Capable to control both horizontal impact and vertical impact.
  • Gives Stability because of combination of
    Unick Insulation Sheet which has anti skid/anti slip properties.


Wedge Mounts

    • Boring Machines.
    • CNC Machines.
    • Drilling Machines.
    • Heavy CNC Machines.
    • Milling Machines.
    • Tool Room Machines.
    • Machining Centres.
    • Plastic Injection Moulding Machines.
    • Special Purpose Machines.
    • Pressure Die Casting Machines.
    • Long Lathes.
    • Shaper Machines.
    • Long Planers.
    • Printing Machines.
    • Power Presses.
    • Textile Machines.
    • Stamping Machines.
    • General Multi-Purpose Machines with Long Beds.
    • Shears.
    • CNC Lathes.
    • Surface Grinders.
    • Cylindrical Grinders.
    • Transfer Precision Metal Working Machine.
    • Large Precision Measuring Equipments.