Anchoring Installation

Anchoring Installation

Sometimes, Industrial Machines need to be anchored to the ground. “UNICK” provides the service for anchoring to fix the machine position. There are two types of anchoring:

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a)Flexible Anchoring.
b)Chemical Anchoring.


Flexible Anchoring:

  • Drilling a Hole in the concrete floor with a Hammer Drill and a correctly sized Carbide drill bit for the required diameter of hole.
  • Clean out the hole.
  • Drop the anchor into the hole, slotted end first.
  • Insert the setting tool into the anchor and strike with a hammer until the lip of the setting tool meets the top of the anchor.
  • Set the fixture over the anchor and insert the properly sized threaded rod or machine threaded bolt through the fixture and into it.


Chemical Anchoring:

  • Chemical Anchor which are bonded into substrate, usually masonary and concrete, using a resin based adhesive system.
  • It is suited for high load applications.
  • High Strength.

Anchoring Installation