Anchoring Installation

Anchoring Installation

Sometimes, Industrial Machines need to be anchored with the ground. “UNICK” provides the service for anchoring to fix the machine position.There are two types of anchoring:
a)Flexible Anchoring.
b)Chemical Anchoring.


Flexible Anchoring:

  • Drilling a Hole in the concrete floor with a Hammer Drill and a correctly sized Carbide drill bit for the required diameter of hole.
  • Clean out the hole.
  • Drop the anchor into the hole, slotted end first.
  • Insert the setting tool into the anchor and strike with a hammer until the lip of the setting tool meets the top of the anchor.
  • Set the fixture over the anchor and insert the properly sized threaded rod or machine threaded bolt through the fixture and into it.


Chemical Anchoring:

  • Chemical Anchor which are bonded into substrate, usually masonary and concrete, using a resin based adhesive system.
  • It is suited for high load applications.
  • High Strength.

Anchoring Installation