Insulation Sheets

Insulation Sheets

Unick offers Insulation Sheets in various industrial applications to reduce the vibrations and structure-borne noise. These insulation sheets are a combination of Nitrile Rubber, some Cork Particles and Synthetic Fibres.
Unick Insulation Sheet possesses superior physical and mechanical properties.

Insulation Sheets is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and technologically advanced anti-vibration pads for all industrial machines

These insulation sheets are available in many stiffness value, stress value, load capacities and respective natural frequencies.
For perfect selection of insulation sheet to get better vibration reduction and long life.
The weight of the machine should not exceed the maximum load capacity of the sheet.
Stress and Stiffness should have the appropriate value.

These insulation sheets have "checks design" to grip the shop floor under the weight of the machine to provide anti skid/anti slip. Standard thickness of Unick Insulation Sheets are 2mm, 8mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 65mm and so on. Maximum dimension available is 500x500mm. Operating Range is -15 degC to +120 degC.
Unick Insulation Sheets have characteristics to solve the both active and passive vibration depend upon the application and selection criteria.


  • Resistance to higher temperatures.
  • Effective reduction in Machine Vibration and Structure-borne noise.
  • Highly resistance to any type of oils, any water and any fuel etc.
  • Properties remain unchanged in all weather and seasons.
  • Long life performance.
  • Never deformed permanently.
  • Easy to Install.
  • No need of service and maintenance.
  • Reliability is high.
  • Anti Skid Properties.


Insulation Sheets

    • Tool room machines.
    • Plastic injection moulding machines.
    • Pressure die casting machines.
    • Printing machines.
    • Textile machines
    • Lathe machines
    • Milling machines
    • Grinding machine.
    • Machining centres.    
    • Turning centres.
    • Power presses.
    • Punching machine.
    • Stamping machine
    • Shearing machine
    • Compressors.
    • Measuring and testing machine.
    • Grinders etc.