Levelling Pads

Levelling Pads

Unick Levelling Pads offers precise levelling and reduction in vibration of heavy industrial machinery.
Unick Wedge Mount basically consists of three modular cast iron parts. The Centre(or middle) part of the mount has a levelling bolt through which middle wedge can move back and forth and gives high precision levelling to the machine.
Tighten the bolt results in increase in height.
Loosen the bolt results in decrease in height.

Leveling Pads is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and technologically advanced anti-vibration pads for all industrial machines

Except middle part, other two part of Cast Iron gently inclined on the middle(wedge) produce a large lifting force with small input torque. High quality with low fluorine grease is used between all the three parts.
As we know, the cast iron is also a vibration damping material. But, for more vibration absorption, we make a combination of Unick Wedge Mount and Unick Insulation Sheet either on both sides or single side of the mounts.
Just like the name, Unick Levelling Pads give vibration reduction at floor and machine levelling. Unick Levelling Pads is a combination of three parts- two parts are made up of Cast Iron which is also a vibration damping material and third part is Unick Insulation Sheet (Anti Vibration Sheet).
First Part(Upper) is attached with the machine foundation base and has option of bolting.
Middle Part provides levelling adjustment with the help of first(Outer) part by tighten the bolt.
Last Part(Bottom part) has Insulation Sheet to provide vibration reduction and anti skid or anti slip at the shop floor.
Unick offer levelling pads in different sizes to meet the requirements of various industries. 
Models of UnickLevelling Pads are: USS, USL, USLT and USLF.
Levelling adjustment in mm: USS, USL, USLT
Levellingadjustement in inches: USLF.

USS: If machine has a plain hole.
USL: If machine has a threaded hole.
USLT: Bolted to the machine and Floor alongwith Anchoring of the machine to the ground.
USLF: Fix Bolt in this model. Two nuts are available called Chuck Nut and Levelling Nut. This particular model is best suitable for Conveyor, Power Pack, Cutting Oil Tank, Assembly Chain, Packaging Machines etc.

Note: USLF model is also available in Stainless Steel(SS) for food processing industries and pharmaceutical plants etc.
The Selection of  Size(Diameter) of Levelling Pads, Range of Levelling and Type of Insulation Sheets are according to the machine type, application and its load.

Applications :-
All industrial machinery that has light and medium weight and required machine levelling with vibration damping.

  • Compressors
  • Tool Room Machines
  • Shaper Machines
  • Printing Machines
  • Textile Machines etc
  • Pressure Die Casting Machines
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machines


Levelling Pads

    • Optimum Quality
    • High Durability
    • Precisely Designed  
    • Long Life
    • No Maintenance
    • High Strength
    • Easy to Install
    • Excellent Finish
    • Rugged Construction
    • Durable Finish Standard
    • Simple Mounting
    • Dimensional Accuracy
    • Easy usage etc.