Anti Vibration Insulating Disc

Anti Vibration Insulating Disc

Unick Anti Vibration Insulating Discs are specially designed for the machine having anti-vibration pads with anchoring. It eliminates the contact between a machine base and an anchoring bolt.

In some Industrial Machines, the machine is “walking” or “shifting” and even placed on anti-vibration pads. Then, Anchoring of the machine is necessary to stop the “machine walking”.

Anti Vibration Insulating Disc is the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and technologically advanced anti-vibration pads for all industrial machines

But after that, there is some level of vibration is transmitted through the bolt. Unick Anti Vibration Insulating Disc helps to control the vibration transmission which comes through the bolt and achieve two-level vibration control.

*Optimum Finish.
*Supreme Quality.
*Robust and Reliable.
*Longer Life.
* The Models shown in the table is in standard size. We also do customization as per the client's requirements.


Anti Vibration Insulating Disc